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The Trieste Near-Real-Time Solar Radio Indices

Solar radio indices are derived separately for each polarization channel (LH and RH flux density) at each receiving frequency (237, 327, 408, 610 , 1495, 2695 MHz) and for the sum of the two polarization channels (LH + RH [total] flux density), by averaging the related radio flux density over 10-minutes intervals.

The relevant graphs are automatically generated and automatically updated in near-real-time with a time cadence of 10 minutes during the whole daily observing run, which spans from 06:00 UT to 17:00 UT at maximum.

In the graphs black dots indicate observed values and red dots indicate 10-minutes forward-predicted values.

Click on the following links to open independent windows with the relevant graphs for the date:

Click on the following links to open the FITS files:

Solar Radio Indices Graphs and numerical values in ASCII format for the previous days can be retrieved from the relevant Solar Radio Archive.

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